*Special* 2-Pack White Kitchens

“You can have any color you want so long as it's black white.”

- Henry Ford

Beautiful 2-pack & Stone Kitchens

that won’t break the bank.

At SDC we love creating stunning kitchen and bathroom renovations, however we also understand that not everyone’s budget extends to a complete custom reno. Therefore we have introduced a range of high quality pre-manufactured kitchen cabinetry for more budget constrained projects. This option is ideal for upgrading a rental property to increase the yield and depreciate the asset, for a property where you want to increase its value, or add the wow factor so you can sell at the best possible price.

SDC cabinets are manufactured in a range of standard sizes, and in the most requested finish – 2-pack gloss white.  And because of the popularity of Engineered Stone tops, we no longer offer laminate tops, but have negotiated fantastic pricing on standard size stone slabs, that are tailor fitted to the final design.

The Gloss White 2-pack package comes standard with “soft-close” drawers and cupboard doors. You can also select from our wide range of standard handles, or no handles at all.

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Q. How are you able to make your budget kitchens for such a good price?
A. SDC manufactures bulk quantities of a range of standard sizes, including cupboards, drawers, pantries, and panels.

Q. Do these budget kitchens meet Australian Standards?
A. Yes, the materials used are of the same quality / specification as used by most Australian fabricators. We use quality 16mm Moisture Resistant Melamine for the cabinets, and 18mm Moisture Resistant MDF for the doors.

Q. But I thought 2-pack was a lot more expensive than laminate doors?
A. Yes, two pack is expensive on a “short run”, kitchen by kitchen basis; in-fact 2-pack is about twice the price of a cabinet with laminate doors. However our panel paint runs are in the hundreds, and all the same colour.

Q. Do you install?
A. Yes, you get all of the same service as if you were purchasing a custom kitchen – design, supply and install. As we are a Registered Builder this includes all plumbing, electrical, and tiling as required – your peace of mind.

White Gloss 2-pack & Stone tops options





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